It is hard to express in words how professional, kind and caring attorney Tara Gilder has been to work with. She is honest, ethical and very knowledgeable. Tara listens to your issues and concerns then starts working on your case immediately. Tara Gilder and the staff at Gilder Law not only helped me navigate through a confusing a legal system, but also treated me like family. I would highly recommend attorney, Tara Gilder, without hesitation.

– Yvonne Tarry, Personal Injury Client

Tara is a very professional attorney. She is trustworthy and considerate, but fights tooth and nail when it comes down to protecting her clients. I highly recommend Gilder Law and attorney, Tara Gilder. No other attorney will treat you with more respect or fight harder to win your case.

– Annetta Haynes- current personal injury client

Tara Gilder is an attorney who cares about what has happened to her clients. If she believes that you have been wronged or shortchanged by your employer or their insurance company, she will take them on and fight as long as it takes to obtain what you truly deserve. My case lasted over a year and the settlement amount was the exact number I told Mrs. Gilder I wanted when we met for the very first time. She kept fighting until the other side agreed to settle for that amount and would have gone to trial, if necessary. Lawyers at several big firms in Houston wanted my case, but none of them would have cared about me like she did.

– Richard J.-Jones Act Client

I cannot begin to express how tremendously grateful I am for Tara Gilder. I came to Gilder Law during one of the most difficult and challenging times in my life. Tara’s level of professionalism and expertise surpassed my greatest expectations as well as her genuine compassion for me as a person. She is truly committed to her clients and I never felt like a case number but more so like a friend or family member. With every situation that arose through my legal process, she was beside me every step of the way. Every email and phone call was returned promptly, every question or concerns were answered immediately. Mrs. Gilder provided me with professional advice whenever needed to allow me to make my own informed decisions with confidence and assurance that those decisions were made not only in my best interest but as well as my children. She provided a support system and served as a mentor going above and beyond for me without hesitation. Lawyers like Tara Gilder are exceptionally rare. I was lucky that I found her and wouldn’t hesitate to refer her to anyone looking for top notch services from not only an exceptional attorney but also one of the most caring, strong and yet compassionate, person I’ve ever met. I truly owe Tara everything. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today and my children wouldn’t have the life they do without her. A simple thank you could never suffice with what she’s done for me. I hope this is able to convey just a fraction of my gratitude and utmost respect for Tara Gilder and Gilder Law.

– Kimberly Begnaud, Divorce and Child Custody Client

Gilder Law has handled a host of matters, large and small, for High Jinx Travel Agency and the Duhon family. Regardless of the matter, Tara is someone I know will consider not only legal strategy; but practicalities in providing advice and options. She is always available to discuss questions and keeps us informed of new developments. I can say this with complete confidence: you will not find a more passionate attorney, one who believes more strongly in the law or is willing to go the extra mile for her clients to fight for Justice on their behalf, than Tara Gilder. I could not recommend a better attorney and we are honored to have Tara Gilder and Gilder Law representing us.

– Jeffrey L. Duhon, Owner/CEO High Jinx Travel Agency

Gilder Law saved my life! Not only did Tara Gilder give me peace of mind that things would get better, she also gave me all the options and avenues I could take. My wife decided to leave me for a decade of life together for a younger drifter. After a few months of us sharing our daughter (2 years of age.) she decided to not let me see or speak to her. With no divorce papers filed yet, the police could do nothing about it. After I signed up with Gilder Law and filed the papers, my wife wanted me to take back my daughter until the hearing date. When it came time for court, I was awarded everything I was asking for.

After a while I was even able to move out of state with my daughter to give her a better life! Thank you for everything!

– Client (Dad) in a contested custody case